There are so many poems about mothers, including the popular one – “My mother, who sat and washed my infant head, when sleeping on my cradle bed…….” but then only Daddy’s pets seem to talk about their Dads and make reference to them from time to time. Do you agree with this statement? I love my Dad and he reminds me of good attributes that fathers should have. My Dad is a nice man, he is caring, God fearing, diligent and a disciplinarian. He taught me in the way of the Lord, how to work hard, pray and be an obedient child. I use this piece to salute my Dad and I hope you will also give honour to whom honour is due as we celebrate Father’s day. It is also an opportunity to celebrate your Fathers in the Lord.


Throughout the world, the International Women’s Day is celebrated to mark Women’s achievement and fight for women and girls’ causes. As we prepare to celebrate 2010 International Women’s Day on 8 March and UK’S Mothering Sunday on 14 March, I think we should review “who is a woman of great worth? Proverbs 31:10 says – A virtuous woman, who can find?

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Love…..its Valentine

Over 30 years ago when I was in secondary school, February 14 is a day that we looked forward to especially to have a new special friend, get gifts and cards. Years later, after becoming a Christian, I wasn’t sure if Christians should celebrate Valentine and I was not too bothered about the day and of course no regular yearly cards and gifts. However after getting married, I use February 14 Valentine Day as an opportunity to express my love to my husband by giving him cards. Now over 10 years in marriage, I know better. Love is not what you express once or twice a year; you have to express it to your loved ones from time to time, in fact always.

These days my mind is getting more thoughtful and concerned. Alas! At least 1 billion non Christians will be celebrating Valentine Day without knowing the true LOVE – GOD’S LOVE.

How can Christians share God’s Love this period of Valentine?

Check out some of our poems to send to your friends, other ideas are welcome.

Way back in the early ‘80s, a lot of Christians would put on badges – “Jesus saves”, “Jesus is Lord”, “God loves you” etc. Somehow, people started preaching that it is not the badge you put on that makes you a Christian or that takes you to heaven. Before you know it, badges are gradually disappearing from our dress, except for a few people who dare to put on hand bands and “Jesus Freak” badges. I believe our lives should portray Jesus; however, our badges will help to publicise the Jesus in us, help us to be on our guard and remind us that we belong to Him. Similarly, when you enter Christian homes, you will see a sign, inscription or wall decoration that will indicate belief in Jesus. If you see a Christian’s car, there will surely be a sticker.

I think it is high time we truly and genuinely live and display Christian virtues but not only that, let us publicise His name on our dress, in our homes and on our cars – in order to share the good news. The name of JESUS is powerful and it can set the captives free, heal the sick, shut the mouth of enemies, and make every knee (anything with a name) bow to Him.

What do you think?