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Love…..its Valentine

Over 30 years ago when I was in secondary school, February 14 is a day that we looked forward to especially to have a new special friend, get gifts and cards. Years later, after becoming a Christian, I wasn’t sure if Christians should celebrate Valentine and I was not too bothered about the day and of course no regular yearly cards and gifts. However after getting married, I use February 14 Valentine Day as an opportunity to express my love to my husband by giving him cards. Now over 10 years in marriage, I know better. Love is not what you express once or twice a year; you have to express it to your loved ones from time to time, in fact always.

These days my mind is getting more thoughtful and concerned. Alas! At least 1 billion non Christians will be celebrating Valentine Day without knowing the true LOVE – GOD’S LOVE.

How can Christians share God’s Love this period of Valentine?

Check out some of our poems to send to your friends, other ideas are welcome.

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